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November 2022


Welcome to LEGEND OF NUTRITION website for electronic transactions.

The herein terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) apply to the website, LEGEND OF NUTRITION, all other sections, departments, affiliate websites denoting these terms and provisions as a secured reference to it.


Our Valued Guest, this is to inform you that upon visiting the site, you confirm your acceptance of the current terms and conditions, and if you disagree with any, you should refrain from using this website. Furthermore, the website shall have the right to change an article or some of the terms and provisions, revise or add some, remove them at any time, thus, the changes shall be effective upon posting them on the website without prior notice. Consequently, you are kindly requested to review terms of use and provisions regularly to keep up with all updates, and your continued use of the website shall be deemed as full agreement to all changes that are made to the terms and conditions.

How to use the website

Our valued guest, this is to inform you that accessing our website requires you to be of eighteen years old, or you will have to access our website under supervision of a parent or your legal guardian.

We grant you non-transferable or revocable license that allows you to use the website under the specified terms and conditions.

This license is designed for shopping and purchase of items presented for sale on the website, and it is strictly prohibited to use the website under name of a third party except what has been permitted by us in clear and transparent way beforehand. Therefore, any violation of these terms and conditions shall result in immediate cancellation of the license granted under this paragraph and with no need to prior notice.

The content presented on this website is for informational purposes only, and the explanations relative to the products mentioned on this website are attributed to the sellers themselves, they are not ours, also the comments or opinions set forth in this website are attributed to those who published them, therefore, it does not reflect our opinions.

Some of the relative services and features that may be available on the website require registration or subscription and in accordance with choosing to register or subscribe to any of these services or relative features, you agree to provide accurate and updated information about yourself, hence, you shall update it immediately if any changes occur. Every single user of the website shall be responsible for securing his username and password.

Holder of the account shall be responsible for all activities occur under his password or within his account. Furthermore, you should inform us of any unauthorized use of your password or your account. Finally, the website is not responsible, directly or indirectly and under any circumstances for any loss or damage of any kind that may result from your failure to comply with this section.

And that you agree to receive promotional emails from the website during process of registration, however, you can later cancel this option by clicking on the link at the bottom of any promotional emails.


Users’ Posts

All your posts on the website and/or your presentations, including but not limited to inquiries, criticisms, comments, videos and suggestions (all “posts” in general) shall be under our exclusive possession and are not yours any way. In addition to the rights that are applied to any sort of posting and once you share your comments or criticism on the website, you hereby grant us the right to use the name you used in criticism or comment and any other content. Thus, you have no right to use fake email address or claim to be another person or attempt to mislead us or any third party regarding the authenticity and originality of any of the posts that we may remove or revise, however, we are not obligated to do so.


Approving orders and pricing

Please note that in some cases some orders may not be approved due to several reasons beyond control of the website and for other reasons relative to the seller or the buyer, and the website shall have the right to reject or cancel any order at any time and for whatsoever the reason is. Before we approve the order, we may ask you to provide additional information including without limitation the phone number and the address. In addition, pricing shall be made by the publisher (seller) without interference from the website in accordance with policy of supply and demand and the applicable rates.


Trademarks and Copyright

The intellectual property rights and trademarks of websites’ publishers are reserved in accordance with the Intellectual Property Protection Law and all intellectual property rights, either registered on the website or not. Trademarks of third parties may not be copied, imitated, or used in whole or in part without prior written approval from LEGEND OF NUTRITION, or holder of the trademark. Furthermore, the company shall have the right to use trade name and trademark of the sellers and exhibitors for all of their products or services within the website, electronic accounts and websites affiliate to LEGEND OF NUTRITION, which are optional and not compelling. In addition, the company shall own all information and designs on the website including but not limited to texts, graphics, programs, images, video, music sound, their selection and formatting. As well as all software compilations, source codes and main programs, bearing in mind that all content of the website is protected by copyright as it is a collective action that is subject to copyright laws of SAUDI ARABIA, international agreements and all rights reserved.

Application of Law and judicial authorities

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws in force in SAUDI ARABIA , and under the arbitration as detailed below, each of them agrees to appear before  SAUDI Courts and to waive any objections with respect to venue of litigation.



Apart from any legal or fair indemnity, we may revoke immediately and without prior notice these terms and conditions or cancel any or all of your rights granted herein under the same as per invalidation of this agreement. Hence, you shall immediately stop accessing the website and using it, also, we may cancel all your passwords, usernames or other identification methods immediately without legal or fair indemnification, reject any visit or use of the website in whole or in part. Any termination of this agreement will not affect all rights and obligations of the parties issued before the date of revocation including but not limited to payment obligations. Therefore, you agree that the website is no longer responsible for you or any other individual as a result of suspending or closing the website, and you are entitled to stop using the website if you are not satisfied with this website, or any of its terms, provisions, instructions, policies, guidelines or practices of LEGEND OF NUTRITION  Company in ways of managing the website.



The user agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless against LEGEND OF NUTRITION Company, its partners, subsidiaries, employees, contractors, officers and members of its board of directors against any and all claims, lawsuits, damages, costs, fines, penal terms, obligations and expenses, including attorney fees that arise from use or misuse of company’s website, including payment, violation of these terms, or third party rights. The company shall have the right to assume exclusive defense and control in any of the matters that are subject to indemnification by the user in which he shall have the right to cooperate in defense for the same. If a third party claims possession and use of the website constitutes violation of the rights of intellectual property for others, LEGEND OF NUTRITION Company and its subsidiaries shall be responsible solely for verification, defense, settlement, and taking the necessary action regarding these allegations or claims relative to violation of intellectual property rights.



Apart from any legal or fair indemnity, we may revoke immediately and without prior notice these terms and conditions or cancel any or all of your rights granted herein under the same as per invalidation of this agreement. Hence, you shall immediately stop accessing the website and using it, also, we may cancel all your passwords, usernames or other identification methods immediately without legal or fair indemnification, reject any visit or use of the website in whole or in part. Any termination of this agreement will not affect all rights and obligations of the parties issued before the date of revocation including but not limited to payment obligations. Accordingly, you agree that the website is no longer responsible for you or any other individual as a result of suspending or closing the website. However, you are entitled to stop using the website if you are not satisfied with this website, or any of its terms, provisions, instructions, policies, guidelines or practices of LEGEND OF NUTRITION Company in way of managing the website.


Privacy Policy platforms

The privacy policy is applied to LEGEND OF NUTRITION website, its programs, applications and all customers, whether they are users of the website or users of mobile applications, and any reference to the “website” or “e-website” denotes LEGEND OF NUTRITION website, programs and applications with all classifications therewith.





Changing Privacy Policy

The current privacy policy may subject to change from time to time, and its current version has been published online by LEGEND OF NUTRITION Company. Accordingly, you have to check our privacy policy on regular basis, as your continued use of LEGEND OF NUTRITION website, its application and services shall be deemed as acceptance of this privacy policy which subject to revision from time to time.


Your Rights

Your Rights respecting your Personal Data

  • You shall have the right to be aware of any of your personal information that we may keep for serving you.
  • You shall have the right to access your personal information that we may maintain for serving you.
  • You shall have the right to request correcting any errors in your personal information free of charge.
  • You shall have the right to request refraining from using your personal information for direct marketing purposes.
  • You shall have the right to request deleting your personal information or determining procedures of dealing with it.
  • You shall have the right to request transferring any of your personal information to any other service provider.
  • You have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if you experience a problem.






I hereby declare that I have read and understood this privacy policy. By sending my data to LEGEND OF NUTRITION website, its applications or services, I do voluntarily and expressly agree that my data is to be collected, shared and used under procedures set out in privacy policy.


We use appropriate security techniques and procedures to prevent any unauthorized or unlawful access to your information. When we collect data through the website, we keep your personal information on a database within a secure electronic server.

We use firewalls systems on our servers, and when we collect details of electronic payment cards, we protect them, thus it becomes difficult to decode (SSL) through use of encryption, such as secure socket layer, to encrypt your information, since we cannot guarantee 100% protection. Accordingly, we strongly advise you not to send complete details of credit or debit card when you communicate with us electronically and without encryption. Furthermore, we developed material, electronic and procedural guarantees directly on process of collecting and disclosing your information, so you can find that our security procedures require asking you some questions to verify identity before we disclose your personal information, you are solely responsible for protecting your password and your computer from any unauthorized access.

Access Information

Information is to be sent from the browser through your computer to server log file in every time you visit the website, program, and application of LEGEND OF NUTRITION, as it is saved there. Such information includes URL & IP, the time and date of website’s visit, the pages that you viewed, the URL that took you to LEGEND OF NUTRITION, the amount of stored information, type of browser used. Once we get all information or transferring it into anonymous addresses, which means ignoring the source or IP information so that all of your addresses that have been changed are deleted in a way that cannot be linked to the original user or can only be linked by conducting extensive research.

Anonymous information stored in the server log file is used to improve experience of shopping on LEGEND OF NUTRITION website in order to navigate the website easier and to detect errors quickly and direct the capabilities of the server to development in view of its need. For example, this information allows us to calculate peak times and develop a plan that improve ability of the server to support these times, accordingly provides the required speed and smoothness during website browsing.

Declaration of User’s Consent

As per my continuous use of LEGEND OF NUTRITION website, I hereby allow the website to analyze protocol data and use it to develop and improve their e-marketing store.


You are not required to activate cookies function or accept it to visit our website. However, in case you wish to make an order or add a product to your shopping cart, you shall activate this function from the browser’s settings to accept cookies so that you can follow up on with your purchase and payment.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are saved on your computer and include your private information about your preferred settings and other data that the system needs when interacting with the browser.

Cookies help us customize our software to suit you and tailor your browsing tastes and habits, as they allow us to save any information you entered so that you do not have to enter them again in the next visit. Also, it enables our system to identify that you have visited our programs previously and remind you of the settings (for example, the preferred language) and the products you prefer. Temporary/permanent cookies have a lifetime, and then they will be deleted automatically. It allows us to collect data, analyze them in order to come up with strategies to improve our programs. Accordingly, the website becomes easier to use and helps us to offer suggested products to users that they want to see in person and our goal is to provide you with a unique, enjoyable and easy online experience that tailored to meet your needs.


User Targeting

We use the targeting policy that allows us to show the advertisements you want to see on our website, i.e. we can advertise the products that you recently viewed on our partners’ websites. This means that our ads are shown specifically to you even on websites of other companies including the offers and advertisements that you wish to see only, we do this through conducting a detailed analysis of the information collected in your cookies on our website so that we can know your interests as a user. This information is characterized by being anonymous as it does not contain your personal particulars or any information you have in a record of our customers, so our objective is to provide you with a special experience that suits your taste and purchasing priorities.


Approval of Use

I hereby declare that I allow using my user data and saving it in cookies as described above. I also allow these files to remain on my computer after finishing with using the browser to use them on my next visit to your site, and I reserve the right to undo this permission through disabling cookies in browser settings menu.


Information we collect

We collect the information necessary to secure any potential demands that may arise later and to provide you with our services such as name, sex, date of birth, email address, postal address and delivery address (if different), phone number, mobile number, fax number, payment details, payment card details or banking account details.

We also collect information about your computer including device identifiers and any other personal identification information used to improve your experience during use by making improvements to our software and determining your preferences, so this information is also used to detect fraud and prevent it.

We use the information to provide you with the updates regarding the available products and services. We will use the information you provide to assist in managing your account, including returning products, changing the size, ensuring that you conduct the necessary financial transactions online as well as managing your own account. This information is also used in reviewing data downloading from the website, identifying site visitors from visitors of the application, developing site page designs and/or content, designing them for users. We also conduct several research papers relative to population and sending useful or required information to the user. We are interested to tell you all such details to be fully aware of and so as to guarantee your approval.

Communication is made by e-mail to provide you with some details about other products and services under your desire, and if you prefer not to receive any promotional and marketing communications, you are kindly requested to disable this option at any time.

We may deliver your name and address to a third party for purpose of delivering an order (for example, Freight Company or the supplier).

You may be contacted on your phone number to inform you of any updates regarding status of your order or for any announcement of our latest discounts and promotions.

We may use the collected information to conduct customer service related analyses, training our customer service personnel, and providing appropriate customer support.

You should also acknowledge to maintain confidentiality when accessing your personal information, so do not make it available to an unauthorized third party, as we will not assume any responsibility resulting from misuse of passwords unless it results from an error committed by us.

Legitimate Purpose

We may keep your information even after closing your account or not using our services to detect and prevent fraud, in compliance with our legal/compatibility/regulatory requirements, resolve any disputes, and implement our privacy policies, terms and conditions.


Protection against electronic fraud

If you send misinformation, inaccurate data or identifying commercial fraud, the case will be transferred to fraud protection agencies “FPA” (and we have the right to suspend your account).


Other uses of your personal information

We may use your personal information in opinion polls and marketing research in accordance with your desire for statistical purposes while ensuring complete confidentiality, also you have the right to withdraw at any time. We do not disclose any responses from your side relative to opinion polls to a third party as well as your email unless you want to participate in contests, thus we maintain the answers of opinion polls in a place completely separate from your private email.


In case of competitions or contests, we use information to inform the winners and announce the offers. You can find more details if you review terms of participation in the competition in question.

Third party and links

We may share personal identifying information, including e-mail addresses, with other companies in our group and for commercial purposes such as advertisements, and we may transfer your information to other companies within our group or to our agents and contractors to assist us in related transactions in accordance with terms of privacy policy. For example, we may resort to a third party to help us to deliver products to you, receive payments from you, using them for statistics and marketing research purposes or to assist customer service team. Furthermore, we may need to exchange information with a third party in order to provide protection against fraud and reduce credit risk, and in case of selling our company or part of it, we may have to transfer our databases include your personal information.

In addition, we may share your information with the companies you approve; for instance, your social media. Our programs may include advertisements for third parties and links for other websites, so we inform you that we are not responsible for privacy practices or content of those third parties or other websites, neither we do not transfer your information to a third party in accordance with our privacy policy.

Our advertisements and other contents target you on our website and unless otherwise specified in privacy policy as special cases, we will not sell your personal information or disclose it to a third party without obtaining prior consent from you unless it was necessary for the purposes set out in privacy policy or as per legal order.


User’s approval declaration

I hereby agree voluntarily and expressly that my information will be collected, shared, used and maintained in accordance with the method set out above.


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